It is Easy to Take Care of These Parrots and to Know About Their Nature

Now a tendency has been noticed that more and more people are going for baby parrots as pets. This is because they believe that baby parrots are easy to tame. While their idea is not wrong, it should also be kept in mind that baby parrots are extremely delicate. Before you keep a baby parrot […]

Available in Varied Colors and Their Combinations, Lovebirds Add Warmth and Fun in Your Life.

Cheerful, adorable, outgoing colorful both in feathers and in spirit Parrotlets form the most sought after pet among bird lovers. Their Comical behavior is an add on for it adds a tinge of healthy entertainment in the owner’s life. Parrotlets are available in 7 species and numerous subspecies like the Pacific, Green Rump, Mexican, Spectacle […]

Cockatoo is Another Bird That is Extremely Popular as Pets

Cockatoo is another bird that is extremely popular as pets. You would find this bird in various colors and most species of this bird are from Indonesia. If you want to have a cockatoo as a pet and want to have some knowledge beforehand about it, come to our membership site. A minimum amount can […]

Training a Small Bird is Very Different From Training a Large One

All About Your Parrot also helps you in dealing with extremely wild and aggressive parrots – the ones that hiss and bite and scream murder whenever somebody ventures into their ‘territory’; the ones that screech till the neighbors call the cops. Let the professionals analyze your parrot’s behavior for you. It is quite possible that […]

Obedience Training Before Your Dog Has Grown Comfortable With You

Obedience Training 1. Don’t even consider starting on obedience training before your dog has grown comfortable with you, rather, before there has been a strong bond established between you two. For your dog to understand your commands and be willing to obey them, effective communication is the key, which can be established through obedience training. […]

Parakeets Are Known to Suffer From Many Health Problems

Conures come in bright combinations of blue, yellow, green, orange sometimes with shades of black. In fact, Conures are one of the most assorted commonly kept feathered companions. With over 40 plus species and countless subspecies, every house can claim a “Paulie” to its own. Their acute intelligence and amiable personality make them the unwavering […]

All Parrot Species Can Be Grouped Under the Following Heads:

Parrots are intelligent birds that thrive on socialization and training to be good pets and bond with their owners. Parrots may often appear as complicated animals, their emotions as complex and varied as of humans. Lack of love and affection can lead to health and behavior problems in your Parrot. Hence, bonding and spending quality […]