Living With a Pet but It’s Also a Huge Responsibility


Sharing your life with a pet can be extremely rewarding, but it’s also a huge responsibility and a major commitment. Before cracking for a puppy or kitten, be sure to be ready to take care and love an animal, for better or for worse, for his whole life, which could be 15 years old or older.

Many questions are to be considered before adopting. Will you have the time and patience for exercise and daily care? Are you willing to pay for food, accessories (such as grooming accessories, leashes, harnesses, litter etc.), veterinary care (including sterilization, vaccines, flea treatments, deworming products, annual exams and medical care)? urgency)? Will you keep your pet indoors and treat him as a member of your family?

If you have the time, money, ability and commitment to give a pet a home for life, there’s no better place to find your new friend than the nearest shelter. . Shelters everywhere are overflowing with loving and friendly animals of all sizes, shapes, personalities and ages and desperate for a home. Shelter workers and volunteers will be able to help you find the animal that matches your level of activity, experience, personality, and lifestyle. For a modest adoption fee, your new friend will be able to go home sterilized, de-wormed and vaccinated.

With so many wonderful animals waiting for a home in shelters, there is no reason to buy a dog or cat from a breeder or pet store. Every puppy or kitten raised and sold at a breeder’s or store’s location prevents a shelter animal from finding a home. So always adopt, and always make sure your new friend is sterilized to avoid contributing to the animal overpopulation crisis.

Take care of cats
Cats depend on humans for everything: food, fresh water, clean litter, veterinary care, love and attention.

When left outside, cats are in danger. They can be attacked by dogs, stolen, knocked over by a car, exposed to deadly diseases such as AIDS or cat leukemia, or physically tortured or poisoned by cruel neighbors who do not tolerate their digging or making their own. needs in their flower beds, or climb on their car. Do not take this risk.

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