Pet Care During Home Improvement Job


Home improvement brings new challenges for us in handling the pets. Pets are infants for life as we need to give them care, love and look after them regularly. Any work-related with home improvement includes repairs and remodels with dust and dirt. These works are done with safety precautions, but sometimes they happen to harm the pets due to chemicals used during the works such as painting or due to the dust formed during carpentry work. This article tries to cover the precautions that can help you keep your pets safe during home improvement job.

Shift your pets to a safer place:

New people and use of different tools accompanied by the strange noises, pets always get disturbed. They may get wild and cause harm to the workers. To avoid this, you can shift your pets to a safer place during home improvement. A safe place can be a cousin’s house or a good friend’s place. At trusted places with known people, you can be sure that your pets are in safe hands. Also, you can give them a visit regularly.

Clean your house after the job:

Pets are more sensitive than humans to withstand the dust and dirt that are left unattended after a home remodeling job. Provide good ventilation for chemical and dust jobs such as painting and sanding. Carpets are one bad thing for creating infections and old carpet pads are sources for toxic mold. An improperly installed carpet is harmful to pets as the tack strips can become a cause for cuts in pet’s feet. Home remodeling contractors at times offer cleaning services after their job. It is advised to take such services to create a healthy environment after a home remodeling job.

Choose a safe room:

If in case you do not have any other home to move your pet, you can move your pets to a safe room in your house to keep them away from ongoing home improvement. This might be difficult to do if your entire house is under renovation or remodeling. You can clear the items that your pet might chew or swallow in the room chosen. If you have options in choosing a room, then choose the room that is easy to clean. You should also make sure you provide hygiene condition in the room for your pets until the remodeling job is completed. Check the room frequently to see how comfortable your pet is in the new room.

Secure the pet:

Contractors while doing the job walk in and out of the rooms and anxious pets tend to get out of the room at the first opportunity as soon as the doors open. The best way to safeguard your pets from spoiling or harming any work or person is mentioning the contractors that you have pets at home and show them the room where they are secured. Show the contractors alternate ways and paths that can be used without disturbing the pets. Put a note on the door about pets if possible.

Caution and care are needed to care for the pets during a home improvement job. Give your full support during such works for your pets, they need the most.

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