The Correct Methods of Housekeeping Your Dog


Following the right methods to housebreak your dog makes it far from the nightmarish experience a lot of dog owners might want you to believe. The fact that dogs are not just smart but fall into a habit pattern very fast and would do just about anything to please their owners only help the matter. A bite of his favorite treat or even a pat on the head or a Well done, the boy is enough incentive for it to excrete where you teach him to. Following the proper methods makes it easy enough.
I don’t need to remind you of the ordeal of having to deal with frequent droppings just about anywhere and a home stinking of dog poop. While it is not a mammoth task to housebreak your dog, certain breeds of dogs are more difficult than the rest to be potty trained. So if your darling pet seems to be taking longer than you expected to be potty trained, you might just have to blame it on his breed. While Border Collies get potty trained within 3 to 4 months, Great Danes might have to be trained consistently for as long as a year and a half before they excrete where they are supposed to. Housetraining some other breeds like Afghan Hounds, Yorkies, Beagles, English Setters, Huskys etc. can prove to be quite a handful in case of housetraining.
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A very common error that dog owners make while housetraining their dogs is Inconsistency.
It is very crucial to carefully select the best and most appropriate housetraining method for the breed of dog you own and stick to it. Even if your dog seems to be taking a little too long to take in the training, do not ever abandon training midway and experiment with other housetraining methods. This would confuse your dog and it may take even longer to be housetrained, if at all.
Following are some of the tried, tested and proven effective methods used for ages to housetrain dogs. You can take your pick from them.

Crate Training
Crate training happens to be the most widely known as well as a very effective method of potty training your dog and have been known to work wonders on both puppies and adult dogs.
A dog typically considers its crate as its private domain, it is home. As no sensible human would excrete in his bedroom, it is likely that your dog would refrain from excreting inside the crate, unless of course he is forced to stay inside the crate for too long. So the first step in housetraining your dog through the Crate Training method is that it is NOT to eliminate inside the crate. It is upto the caregiver to make sure that the dog consumes enough water throughout the day and eliminates at regular intervals. To ensure that he clears his bowels at regular intervals, fix a spot where you wish him to eliminate and lead him to that spot every hour.
If he takes to it the first time lucky you! If he doesn’t, well, you just need to keep taking him back there. Once he does eliminate in the right place, encourage him with a pat, a good word or a small treat. Gradually, the dog would learn to associate receiving rewards with eliminating at the right place. As said earlier, dogs are eager to please, so they would eliminate at the right place to win your approval and gradually form the habit of doing so. Once he is used to it, you need to broaden his horizon and teach him to treat your entire home as his crate where he should NOT eliminate.
A good idea would be to make him spend longer time outside his crate and allowing him to roam freely around the house, one room at a time, so that the learns to mark the entire house premises as his private domain and thus keep it clean by not eliminating. This often takes a while, but with patience and consistent training, the day you need not be apprehensive about him relieving himself in your house will not be far.

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