How to Coexist Several Cats at Home


You decide to host a new cat, while one or more others already occupy the premises. How to make sure that the first contacts are going as smoothly as possible?

Needless to say, the independent nature of the cat and its particularly acute sense of territory do not make it easy. The alleged intruder will not necessarily receive an enthusiastic welcome, especially if it is an adult. However, there is nothing systematic: it can go well (from cautious indifference to amiable curiosity) or quickly turn to disaster (aggressive incompatibility).

Some tips can help create favorable conditions for reconciliationwith the newcomer, and at the very least make sure that it does not turn directly to the fierce fight.

• Feed your cats before the new one is presented to them.

• The arrival must not be immediately out of his transport cage . It will be placed at an angle of the living room (the living room).

• Move away and take care of something else: your presence adds to the ambient tension.

• Keep this setup for half a day, in order to allow the other cats to quietly explore the object and its occupant. Do not worry too much, and in any case not immediately, if you perceive hostile manifestations (fires …): they should – should … – gradually give way to (relatively) neutral behavior.

• After this acclimatization phase, remove the cat (s) from the room and release the newcomer. Let him discover the places at his ease (say an hour) and find a place to settle.

• Enter other cats and do not take actioneven if you attend one or the other … rubbing. Obviously, if the situation degenerates completely, a decision of removal is required (being careful not to receive a nasty claw). Retry the operation a little later. If it still fails, it will be useful to contact a veterinarian to learn about additional ways to facilitate cohabitation.

• There will obviously be a bowl and litter box for the newcomer, as far away as possible from those of long-time occupants.

These provisions are not a total guarantee of success, but they can help a lot.

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