What to Do if Your Dog Pulls Too Much on His Leash


During your walk, your dog tends to pull continuously on his leash, making the ride very unpleasant for both you and him. Here are some ways to correct this behavior problem.

If your dog pulls on his leash, it’s simply because he wants to take you where he wants. This means that he considers himself entitled to impose it, and thus to control the situation. Now, the master is you, and the attitude of the dog is not healthy. You will not get anything by screaming, or by pulling hard on the leash (which can actually hurt the animal by a compression effect). It must be done differently to (re) take control.

• Take a bag of treats (for dogs). Walk calmly and at one point change direction abruptly . The dog will be a little disoriented, you will encourage him to accompany you, and when he has followed you, reward him. Repeat this a few times.

• When your dog pulls on his leash, stop immediately and tell him firmly “Stop! ” (No need to engage in long speeches, it is not used for nothing …). Turn your head towards you and fix it in the eyes. Take the walk again, and start again if he pulls again.

• Shorten the leashby wrapping a part around your wrist or your hand. You will thus ensure a firmer control. Release from time to time to give your dog freedom – he will understand that you allow him to – and then shorten again to show him that you are in control. Do not shorten too much, you could hurt him.

• The choke collar, whose effectiveness is not guaranteed at all, can do a lot of harm to the dog (tracheal or cervical lesions). It is better to wear a harness , more comfortable and more enjoyable for the animal than the collar. The tension is much better distributed and gives you better control.

To change the behavior of a dog, you have to be patientand perseverance : with time, walk after walk, it will eventually understand (hopefully anyway …).

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