You Don’t Need a Pet Mover When You Move Overseas, but It Will Sure Help


You need quite good nerves to move your pet internationally. You’ll be called on to do a lot of hard work and have some special knowledge. You can do it on your own. But before you begin you should also seriously consider using a pet mover.

Your first phone conversation won’t be to the airline. At the beginning, you need to check a few things with the embassy staff of the country you’re going to.

Each nation has rules controlling things like quarantine, for instance. Some times pets can be brought in only through a few, specific airports. And pets will need travel documents, in the same way that you can’t, and different countries ask to see different documents. So your early calls should include the embassy. If you are using a pet mover, they will know that, and this part of the move will be easier.

When you’ve got the legal import requirements sorted ring your airline. If it applies, find out if they will move both you and your pet on the same day. And, just thinking ahead, if you will travel together, when you board the plane ask the hostess to confirm to you that your pet has been loaded into the same plane. Dealing with issues while before you take off will be easier than doing it from a foreign country.

At this stage a pet mover would give you animal health advice. If you are moving without help, though, you can talk with your vet. You will have to get injections, health clearances and medical certificates from him.

Pets fly best on nearly empty stomachs, so reduce your pet’s food the day before the trip, and remember to take him outside for a walk an hour to two prior to departure.

Of course the box you put your pet in will let them stand and stretch during travel. A pet mover could give you advice, but basically the crate should allow the animal to turn around and stand up, and have areas for food, water and any medications.

Whatever you do, however, make sure make sure the papers are all present and filled in right.

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