4 Tips For Making A Pet-Friendly Outdoor Space


When you have pets, it’s necessary that you take measures and steps to ensure that your pet is living accordingly. Outdoor space for your pets to take the loo or to just walk around in the morning or evening is important. So, you need to make a perfect outdoor space in which your pet can thrive without any problems. If you have an outdoor space, but it is lacking in some areas, then this article will help you to get the perfect outdoor space for your pet.

  • A Small Pool

A pool is a good option if you have a furry pet. During the summer months, your pet can also feel hot, especially if it’s a long coat pet. So, having a small portable pool in the summer months is a good idea. Your pet can easily cool itself off and you can change the water every so often as well because it’s a small pool there won’t be a lot of water wastage either. 

  • Cooling Pit

Dogs love to dig. The reason why is because they want to find cool mud or ground under the hot surface to keep themselves cool, especially during the summer months. This is why dogs dig a lot in the summers. What you can do is keep the soil hydrated at all times to make sure that the ground stays moist and cool. This way, your dog will not be going around digging holes everywhere and ruin your outdoor space. You can do this by either watering your ground every day or have irrigation pipes installed. 

  • Astroturf

The grass is an amazing option for an outdoor space, especially for pets. But, pets like dogs and other larger animals are also known as the enemies of grass. Real grass is not urine resistant and it can become ruined if a pet is constantly running or hopping on it. So, what could be the alternative to that? Well, you can go to Astroturf.

Astroturf is an amazing way to make it look like you have a lush green garden, but it is half the maintenance and cares you have to put in, as compared to real grass. Pets love the harder artificial grass and they can rub their bodies against the grass all they want, without damaging the grass. So it’s a win-win situation, no matter what. 

Making A Pet-Friendly Outdoor Space
Image Source: unsplash.com
  • Have Your Plants Fenced

If you have nice and expensive plants in your outdoor space, then it is a good idea if you fence them or keep them out of reach of your pets. Mostly, dogs are fond of knocking over anything. So you don’t want your pet to destroy your expensive and high maintenance plants. It’s better to keep them fenced and protected. Keeping a fence will act as a barrier so that your pet cannot intrude inside where there are plants. You can keep the upper side of your fence open so that you can water them easily.  

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