Happy dog, Happy life!

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Every person deserves nutritious meals, it increases our well-being – the same applies to our four-legged friends, the dog.

Who wants to eat outdated food? Or a boring meal? No one is interested in that. Most people don’t buy a meal that they don’t like.

Our best friend is not involved in the decision making when buying food. Our pets can’t say no if they get a meal they don’t like. They, unfortunately, must eat what they are fed.

We all know which difference a good meal makes. We happily pay extra to get food of better quality, and we like to go out to eat when possible. The same should apply to our dogs.

This is the thought process ESSENTIAL FOODS has. Therefore, they have made it their mission to not only prolong dogs’ lives but also improve their life quality through a varied and delicious diet – not much unlike us.

Their dog food only contains the best, most natural ingredients such as free run ducks, chicken, salmon, rainbow trout, eggs, lentils, apples, ginger, potatoes and probiotics. All this has a positive effect on the dog’s body and especially digestible system.

ESSENTIAL FOODS also tailor the diet to the dog’s age, so it gets exactly the healthy and nutritious meals it needs – from puppy to dog.

If ESSENTIAL FOODS does not meet the quality you expected, ESSENTIAL FOODS offers a warranty, where you’ll get all your money back if the meals don’t live up to the expectation. This is a quality assurance of ESSENTIAL FOODS, who are so sure in their product, that they give a total warranty and the money back if you and your dog are not satisfied.

There is no doubt, that ESSENTIAL FOODS cares about their animal – do you do the same?

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