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1. Don’t even consider starting on obedience training before your dog has grown comfortable with you, rather, before there has been a strong bond established between you two. For your dog to understand your commands and be willing to obey them, effective communication is the key, which can be established through obedience training.

2. The basic level of obedience training comprises of simple commands like Go, Stay, No, Sit, heel and the like. Before embarking on more complex commands, make absolutely certain that your dog obeys these simple commands to the letter.

3. If you are confident of imparting proper obedience training or lack the time or patience for it, don’t attempt it yourself, thus putting the dog at a risk of developing ill behavior. Rather, enroll your dog ina professional dog training school.

4. It is not an impossible task to train a dog into becoming a gentle, fun, pleasant companion. All it takes is a lot of positive thinking, patience, time and the right methods of training. For that, it is very crucial to stick to the training and not give up midway.

Dog Training Schools
Dog training schools boast of professional trainers who have the requisite experience and expertise to tackle and train all breeds of dogs and puppies, small or big, well behaved or aggressive.

However, to make the dog training school a fruitful experience for your dog, do keep a few pointers in mind when selecting a dog training school:

1. make sure the trainers in the school must be certified professionals with at least 5-6 years of relevant experience behind them.

2. The school should be registered and nationally recognized.

3. Take your time to look around the school and the training imparted and speak to the trainers to see if you like the mode of training.

A typical Dog Training School imparts three different types of training:

1. Month-long Kindergarten Puppy Training Course (Priced usually at $100-$300)

2. Basic Obedience Training Course (Priced usually at $200-$500)

3. Dog Socialization Course.

4. A comprehensive training package which includes all the 3 courses mentioned above (Priced usually at $220-$650).

When you take your dog for admission at one such school, don’t forget to carry along his vaccination certificates, a leash and collar, and his favorite treats.

However, even the most expensive, renowned training institute might miss out on some vital pointers and practical solutions to your dog’s unique problems, which are beyond training guidebooks and pre-structured training schedules.

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