Ways to Take Care of Your Pets in Winters


Winters are the time of chill breeze and frosty weather. For some people, the winter is meant for joy having opportunities for snowboarding and skiing. Some just get ill-feeling with piles of snow everywhere. But whatever the case is it is the season in which we all need extra care and attention. Pets are more than just animals. They do need attention and care as humans. Many people do not think to make things easy for them. They never think that pets are also a member of their family and they should be treated well. In winters they need extra care which you should give them. It is your responsibility to protect them from frost and chilly winds. Here are some tips which will help you to take care of your pets in winters.

Keep them indoor:

If your pet spends more time in the backyard, bring him inside. Do not allow him to stay in the frost for so long. Arrange someplace in your laundry room or storeroom for your pet. They will remain active and healthy indoor in the winters.

Make a shelter for the outdoor:

If you can’t keep the pets inside then do something to protect them even when they are outdoor. You know that you can’t beat the frost with a single fur coat on your body so is the case with pets. The fur coat on their body is not sufficient to beat the frost. Make a shelter in your backyard and try to keep it warm. Hang the woolen clothes on the walls of shelter and make sure that wind doesn’t go inside much.

Increase their food and water:

In winters the pets become less active and they don’t roam too much in search of food. In winters they need more calories to keep themselves warm so increase the amount of food for them. Water is also very essential in winters. Fill the waterpots of your pets from time to time. Be sure not to place an ice slab in water pot it will not be liked by your dog or cat and also it will harm their taste buds.

Protect your cat from potential burns:

Cats love to curl up in a warm place for a nap. Keep the stoves out of reach of the pets. And also make sure that they didn’t get close to the fireplace. The car engines are also the favorite spot for the cats to have a nap. Bang your horn or knock the car before starting it. If you forget to do this and your cat was in you will suffer an incredible loss. So please take care of your pets seriously.

Protect them from frostbiting:

The frost is a real danger for the pets. It can damage their paws, tips of tails and the ears. You need to protect your pet if he spends more time outdoors. Buy them the special booties and coats. Also, bring a hat for the pet and place it on his head during the walk. If you see any signs of frostbiting such as blisters and waxy skin then immediately contact a vet.

Keep them away from deadly drink:

The worst chemical spill in winter is the antifreeze from your car radiator. It will taste delicious to your dog and cat but is very dangerous. Even a sip will prove fatal. So try to take care of your pets and stop them from going near the car. If you note any signs of dizziness then do go to a vet immediately.

Your pets are your partners and stay with you even when they are being ill-treated by you. Consider them as a blessing and take care of them. You will enjoy the winter then.

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