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Are you an animal lover and do you want to take it as a profession, then you and I are sailing in the same boat.

I love animals and I have been tending to animals periodically. In one phase it was dogs, and then in the next phase it was goats, then cows and sometimes it was sheep. It didn’t occur to me until recently of taking it up for a living.

But on the other hand, tending to animals can also be a heart-breaking affair. I remember when I was 17 and my dog had passed away, I was inconsolable and would not eat for days. But by ensuring they are healthy and nourished, even if it’s a while they live we can at least be satisfied of their small but sweet life.

It’s very important to understand that it’s not just enough to nurture them with love and affection but nourishing food and hygienic environment are of utmost importance. I know of a livestock supplies wholesale retailer who is the best in the market. They also have an online shop where you can buy 1000’s of products and more than important medicines from trusted manufacturers.

More than animals, I had always wanted to have birds at home. I have never had one of them as a pet. I have been closely following blogs about bird pets for some time now and I cannot keep myself feeling sad that there has not been a single bird in my life. Initially, as a teenager, I was attracted by Parrots – the parakeets, lorikeets, little cockatoo & macaw. But these days I think why not to the abundantly found pigeons. I was told by my friend that it is equivalently challenging to nurture the pigeons and I will have to have an entire set of pigeon supplies in UK all the time.

Buying a high quality food quality food which is rightly nutritive and feeding at regular interval won’t just improve their health but also would give them a shinier coat and make them happier. It’s very necessary to have the pets vaccinated, and getting their scabs treated. Regular visits to the doc are a must. It always helps when you spend quality time with the pets. It helps each other to understand better and will assist you in finding out if the pet isn’t keeping well. It is also very important to give them their space and some personal time. From my experience, I know a dog/ cat always like to be near us but there are sometimes when they want to be alone. Yea just like us humans, they also want to be left alone. As important food and medicines are, equally important is the exercise.

It is also necessary to have hygienic environment for both pets and you. I know it could be tiring but just by a little procrastination; houses could easily be turned into a messy place. And it would be even tougher to get back to the initial stage.

After writing this article, I feel it’ll be quite a task to tend them for a living. But under all the knowledge of pain and trouble lies I guess an insurmountable amount of love for these creatures which makes me reconsider it time and again for a profession.

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