Eliminate Pet Hairs and Odors With Steam Cleaning


While Spring and Summer bring new life, and the bustle of activity, it also brings increased cleaning, and concerns about pet hairs and dust mites. Homeowners can spend endless hours trying to keep up with clean-up of pets and outdoor allergens entering homes. Pets spending more time outdoors means more potential for dust mites and other allergens. One of the best ways to eliminate pet hairs and dust mites from home environments is by steam cleaning.

This is not only the best method of pet hair, and dust-mite removal, but it prolongs the life of carpets. Pet odors and stains are also removed by this method, as are bacteria lingering on carpets when using temperatures above 130 degrees to steam. Those using a water filtered vacuum system can also clean the air of allergens before bedtime.

Steaming is especially important for those who want to keep pet hairs, dust mites, and other allergens to a minimum. The incident of asthma, allergies, and eczema are often increased as pet hairs and dust mites increase in the home environment. Dust mites and other allergens are often present on pets when they re-enter homes and are present on carpets, furniture, and bedding as pets lay in these areas. Dust mites can also be carried into homes on clothing, and shoes. Steaming will rid the home of pet hairs, dust mites, bacteria, and allergy-causing agents.

Many people buy expensive anti-allergen pillows and bedding, without realizing that steam cleaning is the best option for cleaning homes, and eliminating allergy agents. Not only can steam cleaners be used on carpets, but also on furniture, pillows, and mattresses. Different steam cleaners accomplish different things. The best steam cleaning option for those with pet and allergy problems is one that includes a steam and vacuum system. When a steam vacuum system is combined with water filtered vacuum systems it provides maximum removal of pet hairs, dust mites, and other allergens. If using a steam only system all agents may not be removed.

The other benefit of this type of system is its ability to scrub the air of allergens. Airborne particles can be removed in the air, and trapped in the water. Though many regular home vacuums offer air filtration systems, water-based steam systems are superior in removing particles from the air. It will also remove agents in pillows, such as fungi, as well as remove pet odors.

Betty has 11 cats and 2 dogs! She picked a steam cleaner from Steam Australia to use in her house.

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