It is Easy to Take Care of These Parrots and to Know About Their Nature


Now a tendency has been noticed that more and more people are going for baby parrots as pets. This is because they believe that baby parrots are easy to tame. While their idea is not wrong, it should also be kept in mind that baby parrots are extremely delicate. Before you keep a baby parrot as a pet you should know what care should be taken so that the parrot remains healthy and grows into a well-trained adult parrot. For knowing about it refer to our “Baby Parrot” section in the membership site.

A quiet pet is welcome to a family who do not have much time to spend for the pet. If you fall in this category then go for a Pionus Parrot. It is easy to take care of these parrots and to know about their nature and their care visit our membership site and check the article “Pionus Parrot” and you would know everything about this parrot.

Toucan is a unique bird and for a long time there was a debate whether it is a part of the parrot family or not. However, now it is accepted that it is a parrot and thus it is kept as pet too. If you are interested in having this unique bird as a pet then we can help you learn more about it in our section “Toucan”.

For your help we also have a photo gallery where you can see the photographs of varieties of parrots so that you can easily choose which parrot to have as your pet.

We also have a video gallery which would further help you see how parrots perform tricks and know more about the parrots.

If you have kids at home it is all the more important to know what your kid should do for the parrot. This is because it is often seen that kids want to have a pet more than the parents. Go through our section “Parrot Facts for Kids” and tell your kids about their responsibilities when you have a parrot at home.

We have a very special section for parrot lovers and that is a section on “Parrot Training Workshops”. It would help you owners, to know a great deal about how to train your parrots so that they become wonderful pets.

We have seen that our experts get queries mostly on how to handle screaming of parrots. We want to tell you that our section “Parrot Screaming” is an article that can help you in solving this because it is a behavioral problem of a parrot. If you are facing this problem go to this section and know how to handle such a situation.

We have dedicated one section on a parrot species having a very special physical trait. We are talking about lorikeet, the parrot which has a unique tongue for sucking honey. Know about its temperament, diet and its lifestyle in our membership site. Also there is a section describing the training requirements of a lorikeet.

A distinct species of the parrot family is kakapo. This is a flightless bird and is one of the world’s longest living birds. This is a complete vegetarian bird and has large claws and feet which enable it to run and walk. It is also a nocturnal bird and sleeps during the day. The bird is generally reared as a chick and shows various characteristic behaviors. Learn more about this unique member of the parrot family in our site.

Our last section is about “Parrot Enrichment”. This section would help you know how you can train your parrot well and also help you know about the various enrichment kits that are available in the market for training your parrot.

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