Available in Varied Colors and Their Combinations, Lovebirds Add Warmth and Fun in Your Life.


Cheerful, adorable, outgoing colorful both in feathers and in spirit Parrotlets form the most sought after pet among bird lovers. Their Comical behavior is an add on for it adds a tinge of healthy entertainment in the owner’s life. Parrotlets are available in 7 species and numerous subspecies like the Pacific, Green Rump, Mexican, Spectacle and Blue Wing. Parrotlets learn to mimic human speech quite well with good training. They enjoy human company and love to spend long hours with their owners in games and talks.

Parrotlets or ‘miniature parrots’ are intelligent and energetic birds. Amiably disposed, these birds demand your constant love and attention. Often projecting comical behavior patterns, Parrotlets rarely scream and hence make wonderful pets.

Owning a bird for the first time? Go for a Cockatiel. Cockatiels are cheerful birds, which are rarely demanding or moody. These are Ideal pets for first-time bird owners. Cockatiels are cheerful birds, which are rarely demanding or moody. They are the darlings of the house and help create a happy home environment with their sweet personalities. Well-groomed and well-trained Cockatiels endears most as pets. However, keep in mind that Cockatiels are very choosy eaters with a strict list of preferences. They have a special liking for fruits rather than vegetables. Carefully observe what they slurp down and what they toss away. Then only you can cater to their taste and win your place in their hearts. Seeds are good as good for cockatiel as the burger is for you. Yes! Seeds are junk food to this breed. Though they can survive easily on seeds and they would eat it willingly too but consuming nothing but seeds shortens their life span. So go for fresh fruits and veggies and sometimes team that up with a seedy treat. Another interesting fact as regards its diet is that Cockatiels love proteins. Be it meat or eggs, nuts or cheese they love it all. They have a special fondness for cheerios.

Cockatiels suffer their share of health problems and need your utmost care and attention.

Mostly available in green and yellow, Budgies or Budgerigar are gentle and entertaining personalities. Budgies are sensitive birds that enjoy playing.

Budgies have distinctive personalities. Some are sensitive while others are mischievous. Powers of mimicry, amusing antics and a delightful nature make Budgies wonderful and endearing pets.

The Psittacidae or Parrot Family has as many as 352 existing members and still growing in the numerous sub-species, added at regular intervals.

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