Why Does My Cat Scratch Around His Bowl


Your cat scratches the edge of his bowl or around? What does he want you to understand? The food does not please him? He does not like his bowl or the protection underneath? Does he confuse his lunch box with his litter? What is going on?

In fact, your cat means that he wants to cover his food, as he does with the litter for his excrement. Clearly, the smell of the pie or croquettes does not please him, or it is that of the bowl, which may not be clean enough.

What to do ?

Before deciding to change the type of food or brand, empty the bowl and clean it. Wash also the protection that you placed below (set of kitchen for example) or change it (newsprint …). If the bowl is placed on the floor, rub it. Do not use detergent products that are too aggressive or too stubborn. Warm or lukewarm water should suffice, possibly added some crystals of soda (it is then necessary to rinse well then). Nothing more because a smell like lavender or lemon could upset your cat.

Running with your dog (canicross): what advice

The canicross, the jogging with his dog, is a nice and original way to share good times with his companion. However, you must take certain precautions so that the tandem race does not constitute a danger for the animal, for you and for other road users.

Practicing physical activity with your dog, such as jogging, is beneficial for both the master and the animal. It is better to ask the veterinarian first, to make sure that the dog is in perfect condition to perform this demanding physical activity. If so, it will do her the best to keep fit, avoid gaining weight and strengthen muscles and joints.

• Do not start with a puppy, so never before 12 to 18 months depending on the breed. In fact, the joints of young dogs are not yet fully formed.

• Do not start too late either. An over- aged dog may not be able to stand the effort.

• The environment must match the dog’s temperament. It is obvious that if he is frightened by the noise of the traffic, do not run in town.

• The dog will wear a harness , and will be guided by an expandable leash attached to an enveloping belt.

• The dog must always run in front of you, never behind. If it slows down, do it too.

• In the caniVTT version, the dog is connected to the bike by a leash attached to a harness.

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