Pet Friendly Ways To Effectively Pest Proof Your Home


Homeowners who want to rid their houses of current pest colonies or who want to prevent future infestation should think twice about using poisonous chemical solutions, especially if their household contains pets. The same toxins that may rid the home of ants, fleas, rodents or other vermin can prove dangerous, if not outright deadly, to dogs, cats, and other pets living inside the home. Fortunately, there are a number of pet-friendly ways to pest-proof your home that won’t expose the four-legged friends in your house to any chemicals that can endanger their health and safety.

Frequent vacuuming of carpets and flooring can help to scoop up individual insects as well as their nests. Don’t neglect to vacuum thoroughly in cracks, crevices and other hidden places where pests may have set up housekeeping. There are a variety of pet-friendly traps on the market designed to catch everything from fruit flies and moths in your pantry to cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs. Worthwhile investments in traps include non-toxic glass fruit fly traps, mosquito traps which attract these pests using pheromones rather than toxic ingredients, organic powders that eliminate ant colonies, electric flea traps, and sticky tape which can trap whiteflies, gnats, and moths on their adhesive surfaces. Look for bait boxes that are tamper-resistant which can be placed inside closets to lure pests to their quick demise. One of the most effective non-toxic substances that can help to eliminate fleas that are often prevalent in homes with pets is diatomaceous earth. This fossilized rock crushed into powder form can be sprinkled on carpeting as well as outdoor lawns. It works by quickly dehydrating pests such as fleas, earwigs, cockroaches and ticks that crawl through the powder, all without harming dogs or cats.
Even termite control can be implemented without resorting to dangerous chemical pesticides which can harm pets. One effective termite treatment using natural ingredients for termite control involves a homemade solution containing two parts confectioner’s sugar and one part cornmeal mixed with two parts borax. This termite treatment can be spread in places where termites gather. When termites eat it, it serves as a poison that prevents these pests from digesting any other food so that they eventually starve and die. You can also create your own non-toxic pesticide spray combining equal part of canola oil with soft dish soap and spray in areas frequented by insects with soft bodies.

Pest proofing your home in pet friendly ways can prove even more effective when you take steps to remove trash promptly and place in sealed containers outdoors, eliminate open food containers in your home, keep counter and floor surfaces free from moisture and food crumbs, and seal doors and windows with caulking to prevent easy access by flying or crawling pests.

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