Our Tips for a Serene Holiday With Your Dog


It’s summer and the holidays are finally coming out. Some precautions are to be taken to be able to leave serenely with your dog.

Health first and foremost
Before you leave, check that your dog is up to date with his vaccines. A visit to your usual veterinarian can be useful, ask him for advice regarding the precautions to take depending on your place of residence (foreign country, beach, mountain etc.).

Do not forget to leave with the dog’s health record that will be useful if there is a problem and that may be required by some homeowners. You can also spot veterinary practices near your vacation spot and write down their phone numbers.

In the summer, watch out for sunburn and heat stroke . If your dog is swimming in the sea, rinse with fresh water as soon as possible. If you walk with him in the wild, check to see if he is injured in the pads, if he has not caught ticks, fleas, and if his ears are clear.

Plan for accommodation and transportation
Inquire upstream to find out if the accommodation you choose accepts animals. Check the information with the persons in charge of the accommodation and do not hesitate to ask questions so as not to have nasty surprises. A supplement per night can be requested. You can also visit specialized sites that list the holiday destinations where dogs are allowed.

For a trip by car , two possibilities to ride safely: your dog must be placed in a transport crate, or be equipped with a harness fastened to the seat belt. During the journey, do not forget to stop regularly to offer him water and walk. And never leave your dog in a parked car !

For train travel conditions vary depending on the weight of your dog: below 6kg he will have to travel in a bag or transport case, and beyond this weight he must be muzzled and kept on a leash. You will also have to pay the price of a special ticket for your dog.

If you plan to travel by plane, check with airlines beforehand about the regulations they apply, especially for transport crates. Some refuse to transport animals, others do not accept in the cabin the breeds with turned-up noses such as pugs or boxers. Generally dogs under 4kg can travel in the cabin.

In any case, the plane can be a very stressful experience. Do not take your dog if it means having to put it in the hold. Instead, leave it at home with a family member or trusted friend to take care of him while you’re away, or choose another destination that does not require a flight or other means of transportation.

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