Training a Small Bird is Very Different From Training a Large One


All About Your Parrot also helps you in dealing with extremely wild and aggressive parrots – the ones that hiss and bite and scream murder whenever somebody ventures into their ‘territory’; the ones that screech till the neighbors call the cops. Let the professionals analyze your parrot’s behavior for you. It is quite possible that your parrot has a good reason to behave aggressively.

What do you do when your parrot ill behaves? Ignore it? Punish it? Glare at it? Find out at All About Your Parrot.

Again, training a small bird is very different from training a large one. It is easier to train a small parrot than a large one but the effort that goes into the training of a large parrot gives unbelievable results. Whereas small parrots make adorable pets, large parrots are known for their utter devotion and faithfulness.

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