Give That Horse Some Attention


Horse deserves to be pampered. After all, horses had to work hard in the olden days to get any attention. If they didn’t do a days work it was back to the barn and face being sold to another farmer.

Horses deserve nice saddles on their backs to ride their owners.

Saddle blankets to cover them with on chilly nights.

All horses of any breed need to have hoof care. They are on their feet a lot during their life. Hoof manicures with moisturizing cream is very thoughtful. Horses need to have hoof dressing. Keeping a regular check on the horse’s hoof can prevent them from walking on foreign objects. A hoof nutrient can provide new strength to the soles and walls of the horse’s hoof.

The mane and horses tail needs conditioners to moisturize and strengthen them.

Horses have nice coats that need a lot of up keeps. You can purchase a coat or pollen nutrients to help restore the beauty of their coat and to help with training and digestion.

Just like humans horses develop sore stiff muscles and pain. The pet store offers a cool blue liniment to ease their pain. This is very soothing and cool.

Take your horse out and bathe it. There is an equine shampoo that is an excellent cleaner for washing your horse. Simply hose your horse down, wash with equine shampoo and brushes to remove the dirt that has accumulated in their coats.

Horses love to have their coats brushed. This helps to remove any shedding hair from their coat.

There are many different brands of horses. Each horse has different jobs or routines they perform every day. Some horses pull wagons on the pavement. You can imagine the awful pain the horse’s hoof goes through. When roads were dirt, the horse still wore out their horseshoes. Today, if they are ridden much on pavement, they not only wear out their horseshoes but can develop serious injuries to the joints in their legs.

Horses need attention every day. Don’t just shut them up in the barn and never ride them. They need riders to ride and exercise them.

Many owners of horses are so proud, that they race their horses in horse races. This is to benefit the owner. They make money off of these horses. Horses can easily be trained to prance, stand at attention and other behavioral skills. Parades are known to have many beautiful horses each year. Take pride in your horse and let it show.

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